3DLabs Wildcat III 6210

Eliminate creative boundaries with 3Dlabs Wildcat III 6210 - the latest Wildcat graphics accelerator to offer the best image quality and highest performance available on the desktop. With a massive 416 MB total on-board memory, you'll get the speed and performance you need without sacrificing any of the renowned quality you've come to expect from 3Dlabs.

If you're working in MCAD, DCC, Visualization, or any professional graphics field where you need ultra high-end performance, you'll appreciate the advances in speed we've made to the "fastest graphics on the planet." Support for 32 lights in hardware and doubled texture memory translates to more realistic renderings and much faster geometry acceleration - even with complex scenes.

In addition to phenomenal performance enhancements, the Wildcat III 6210 offers standard support for dual analog and digital monitors*. So, when you're working on a complex project or a large assembly, you can increase your visual real estate two-fold. And, with standard multiview and genlock support, DCC, Video Production, CAVE, and Visual Simulation professionals can synchronize multiple Wildcat III 6210s together or to an external sync source.

Wildcat products have always offered the best image quality in the industry with 10-bit sub-pixel accuracy, exclusive SuperScene antialiasing, and high geometry and texture coordinate precision. With this well-established legacy of quality, you can be confident in the accuracy of your designs.

*Dual monitor support is only available under Windows® 2000 and Windows XP.

  • Dual-pipeline configuration (supports digital and analog dual-head* displays)
  • Dedicated 256 MB texture memory and 128 MB frame buffer (plus 32 MB DirectBurst memory for 416 MB total memory)
  • Six T & L engines for performance and programmability
  • Stereo Sync
  • Multiview and genlock support
  • 3D volumetric texture support
  • Exclusive SuperScene antialiasing
  • AGP Pro 50 - AGP Version 2.0


Wildcat Chipset Technology
  • Data width
    • Frame buffer: 128 bits
    • Texture buffer: 64 bits
    • DirectBurst: 64 bits
    • Integrated 320 MHz RAMDAC

  • Geometry Acceleration
    • Model view matrix transformation of vertex and normal coordinates
    • Perspective and viewport transformations
    • Texture matrix transformation of texture coordinates
    • Local display list storage and processing
    • Full lighting calculations (up to 32 lights)
    • View volume clipping
    • Up to six user clip planes
    • Image processing

  • Hardware Performance
    • 3D Gourad-shaded triangles, Z-buffered: 33.0 M tri/sec
    • Trilinear fill rate: 400.0 M pixels/sec
    • 3D Vectors, solid-color, 10-pixel: 26.1 M vec/sec

    NOTE: Performance numbers reflect maximum hardware rate. Numbers may vary depending on application.

  • Complete OpenGL® 1.3 geometry acceleration -- The Wildcat III 6210 uses a highly-tuned T & L engine to accelerate the complete OpenGL 1.3 pipeline, including all geometry operations, triangle setup, texturing, and pixel operations

  • OpenML 1.0 support

  • DirectX 7.0 support (single display only)
SuperScene full-scene multisampled antialiasing
  • Point sampled with sixteen samples
  • Sample location jittering
  • Dynamic sample allocation
  • Dynamic sample backoff
Traditional 2D Operations
  • 16- and 32-bit color depths (565, 8888)
  • Solid and patterned area fills
  • Vectors (diamond rule compliant)
  • Block moves (screen-to-screen)
  • Block gets (screen-to-system)
  • Block puts (system-to-screen)
  • Bilinear scaling
Board Physical
  • Full-length ATX form-factor
  • AGP Pro - AGP Version 2.0 compliant
  • 128 MB DDR -- dedicated frame buffer
  • 256 MB DDR -- dedicated texture buffer
  • 32 MB DirectBurst
  • True color resolutions up to 2048 x 1152 double-buffered and 32-bit Z per monitor
  • 60 Hz - 90 Hz screen refresh rates (monitor dependant)
  • Dual display support under Windows® 2000
Stereo Sync Support
  • Female, 3-pin, VESA-standard, mini-DIN connector provides connection to a LCD shutter glasses emitter module or to other stereo shutter devices
Genlock Support
  • Synchronizes the vertical refresh rate of the system display to and external signal.
Multiview Support
  • Provides frame locking and rate locking of multiple workstations.
Digital Flat Panel Output
  • Two 29-pin DVI-I output connectors
  • Microsoft® Windows NT
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • One 3-Pin, Mini-DIN stereo sync output
  • Two DVI-I compatable Digital Video Output ports
  • One BNC connector
System Requirements
  • Intel® Pentium® processor or compatible
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP
  • One AGP Pro 50 slot
  • One open PCI slot adjacent to the AGP Pro 50 slot for cooling and mechanical
  • Minimum of 32 MB DRAM (64 MB recommended)
  • 3 MB of free space on the computer's primary system disk for the video display driver software
  • 50 W of available power
  • Three (3) years parts and labor limited waranty

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