3DLabs Wildcat 4110

Based on innovative Wildcat 3D Graphics Technology, the Wildcat 4110 offers professional features and professional performance on the desktop. Features such as ParaScale architecture allows the Wildcat 4110 to accelerate the entire 3d graphics pipeline in hardware, enabling you to achieve new, unparalleted levels of productivity with the most complex visual data sets.

With the Wildcat 4110, graphics professionals can experience the unmatched 3D graphics feature set, on-screen responsiveness, and display quality offered only by Wildcat technology.

  • Based on Industry-Leading Wildcat Technology
  • SuperScene Antialiasing - smoother edges, faster performance
  • DirectBurst - optimized pipeline for pure speed
  • 3D Volumetric Texturing - apply textures throughout a complete model
  • Most Efficient Memory Structure
    • 128 MB of total memory
    • 64 MB of dedicated frame buffer memory
    • 64 MB of dedicated texture memory
  • Multiple Display Options
    • Stereo
    • Digital Flat Panel - DVI-I
    • Analog
  • True Color resolutions to 1920x1200 double-buffered (32-bit)
  • More Lights for Faster Performance
*Requires an AGP Pro 50 Slot


Wildcat Chipset Technology
  • Data width
    • Frame buffer: 128 bits
    • Texture buffer: 64 bits
    • DirectBurst: 64 bits
    • Integrated 220MHz RAMDAC

  • Geometry Acceleration
    • Model view matrix transformation of vertex and normal coordinates
    • Perspective and viewport transformations
    • Texture matrix transformation of texture coordinates
    • Local display list storage and processing
    • Full lighting calculations (up to 24 lights)
    • View volume clipping
    • Up to six user clip planes
    • Image processing

  • Hardware Performance
    • 3D Gourad-shaded triangles, Z-buffered: 6.0 million tri/sec
    • TrilinearTextured, Gouraud-shaded, 32-bit (RGBA) texels: 142.0 Mixels/sec
    • 3D Vectors, solid-color, 10-pixel: 12.0 million vec/sec

    NOTE: Performance numbers reflect maximum hardware rate. Numbers may vary depending on application.
Professional 2D/3D Features
  • SuperScene full-scene multisampled antialiasing:
    • Point sampled with eight samples
    • Sample location jittering
    • Dynamic sample allocation
    • Dynamic sample backoff
    • 64-bit hardware accumulation buffer
  • Traditional 2D Operations
    • 16- and 32-bit color depths (565, 8888)
    • Solid and patterned area fills
    • Vectors (diamond rule compliant)
    • Block moves (screen-to-screen)
    • Block gets (screen-to-system)
    • Block puts (system-to-screen)
Board Physical
  • Full-length ATX form-factor
  • AGP Pro 50 (AGP Version 2.0 Compliant)
  • 64 MB dedicated frame buffer
  • 64 MB dedicated texture buffer
  • 8 MB DirectBurst
  • True color resolutions up to 1920x1200 double-buffered and 32-bit Z per monitor
  • 60Hz-85Hz screen refresh rates (monitor dependant)
Stereo Sync Support
  • Female, 3-pin, VESA-standard, mini-DIN connector provides connection to a LCD shutter glasses emitter module or to other stereo shutter devices
  • Microsoft® Windows NT
  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • 3-Pin, MiniDIN stereo sync output
  • 15-pin, D-sub analog video output
  • One 29-pin DVI-I output connector (supports one standard 15-pin VGA output connector with required adapter)
System Requirements
  • Intel® Pentium® processor or compatible
  • Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 5 or higher or Windows 2000
  • One AGP Pro 50 slot
  • One open PCI slot adjacent to the AGP Pro 50 slot for cooling
  • Minimum of 32 MB DRAM (64 MB recommended)
  • 3 MB of free space on the computer's primary system disk for the video display driver software
  • 49 W of available power
  • Three (3) years parts and labor limited waranty

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