3DLabs Wildcat VP

Visual Processing Architecture

Wildcat VP uses 3Dlabs' ground-breaking Visual Processing Architecture to integrate over 200 32-bit processors into a single Visual Processing Unit (VPU) for a staggering 200Gflops and 1.2 TeraOps of programmable power. Wildcat VP's power and flexibility provide industrial-strength 2D and 3D performance, quality and functionality for OpenGL "and Direct3D" applications.

Advanced Multitasking Architecture

Wildcat VP's innovative fast task-switching capability provides the power of multiple dedicated graphics engines. Designers can move seamlessly among numberous graphics windows for a highly productive workflow, using multiple virtual VPUs.

Enhanced Dual-head Display

Wildcat VP drives two independent, high resolution displays with a mix of analog and digital display options. Dual 10-bit DACs provide flawless color representation by eliminating distracting display artifacts.

Designed by Professionals for Professionals

3Dlabs is the only PC graphics company solely focused on designing professional-grade accelerators. Wildcat VP continues this tradition through relentless driver reliability testing and constant optimization and certification of leading professional applications.

100% Programmability

Genuine programmability throughout the entire Wildcat VP pipeline provides a superset of traditional graphics processor functionality and is a step towards interactive Renderman-class rendering. Wilcat VP supports the emerging OpenGL 2.0 and D2DX high-level shading languages that extend the boundaries of interactive visual realism.

High Performance Virtual Memory

The highly innovative 16GB virtual memory of Wildcat VP shatters the limitation of on-board memory by automatically handling huge datasets, while caching essential data for fastest access. The Industry's first genuine 256-bit DDR memory interface delivers incredible bandwidth to keep the most demanding applications running smoothly.

Technical Specifications

Wildcat VP Visual Processor Unit (VPU)
  • Over 200 32-bit processors
  • 200GFlops and 1.2 TeraOps of processing power
  • SIMD scalar arrays: geometry, texture, pixel processing
  • 256-bit DDR memory interface
  • Dual integrated 370MHz 10-bit RAMDACs
High-level Programmable Architecture
  • General-purpose programmability throughout pipeline
  • Effective shading language compiler target
  • RISC instrauction sets for efficient code generation
  • Automatic parallelization for speed and scalability
  • Sophisticated program flow-control (superset of DX9)
Command Processor
  • Multi-threading capability for multiple virtual VPUs
  • Circular hardware scan for active CPU threads
  • 15us second task-switch time
  • 3us real-time interrupt response
Geometry Processor
  • 16 32-bit floating point processors
  • Flexible surface and vertex processing
  • 16 accelerated lights
  • High precision 32-bit Z-Buffer
Texture Processor
  • Industry's most capable texture processor
  • 128 32-bit floating point and integer processors
  • Up to eight simultaneious textures in a single pass
  • Programmable texture formats and filters
Pixel Processor
  • 64 32-bit integer processors
  • Highly programmable antialiasing
  • Optimized for superior antialiased lines
  • Up to eight multi-samples in a single pass
  • Programmable image processing and compositing
Virtual Memory Architecture
  • Memory used as efficient L2 cache
  • Seamless handling of huge datasets
  • Optimal buffer download performance
  • Automatically pages out unused buffers
  • Windows XP/Windows 2000/Windows 98/Me
  • OpenGL with shader extensions
  • DirectX 8.1 with vertex shader 1.1 and pixel shader 1.2
  • Prototype OpenGL 2.0 drivers on request
Flexible Dual Display
  • Full 2D and 3D acceleration on two displays
  • Double buffered hardware overlays
  • Two Analog displays (DVI-VGA adapter incl.) or
  • One Analog and One Digital display
  • Dual display control panel
High-Quality Video Processing
  • Hardware color-space conversion
  • Native support for YUV422 video (YUY2 and UYVY)
  • High-quality up/down scaling
Display Connectors
  • VGA connector (DB-15 analog)
  • DVI-I connector - digital and alalog output
  • 3-pin mini-DIN stereo sync output
  • DDC1/2b/2b+ support
  • VESA display power management
Package Contents
  • Wildcat VP professional graphics accelerator
  • Installation Guide
  • DVI-VGA adapter
  • Driver CD
  • Bonus Applications CD including
  • Virtual desktop manager
System Requirements
  • Pentium, Athlon or compatible processor
  • Windows XP/2000/98/Me
  • AGP 1X/2X/4X/8X Slot
  • 64MB System Memory
  • 16MB Free Disk Space
  • Three year limited warranty
  • Phone hotline, e-mail and WebForum

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