Altova DiffDog 2005

Altova DiffDog 2005

Altova DiffDog 2005 is the dedicated differencing utility for developers and power users. This easy, powerful synchronization tool quickly compares source code or text-based files and any directories, then highlights differences in its visual interface. Merge content with a click of the mouse or open and edit files and folders, then instantly re-compare. Let DiffDog 2005 track down the differences in your development projects.

Powerful File and Directory Differencing

In the development world, reconciling multiple versions of files and directories is a daily requirement. Whether you're working with HTML files, Java source code directories, XML document frameworks, or any other collection of text-based files, managing multiple file versions in a team environment can be a taxing problem. Developers and power users need a tool for identifying differences quickly and easily, so that they can focus on more productive tasks. Imagine being able to compare source code files in an instant and merge changes with a quick the click of your mouse. Imagine visualizing the differences in two versions of a 30 GB directory instantly, then opening and editing different files side-by-side. And imagine being able to synch-up files on your laptop and desktop computers in a matter of seconds. Altova DiffDog 2005 is a very affordable tool that allows you to do all this and more.

A new product in Altova's line of award-winning application development and data management tools, DiffDog 2005 is an advanced differencing utility for comparing and merging files, folders, and directories. Altova DiffDog 2005 is available in Standard and Professional editions. Both editions support comparing and merging directories and any type of text file. Additionally DiffDog 2005 Professional Edition provides unique XML-aware differencing functionality - a must for developers working with XML.

In keeping with Altova's reputation for providing robust yet user-friendly developer tools, the DiffDog 2005 interface is as powerful as it's easy to use. DiffDog 2005 indicates differences visually, allowing you to quickly identify changes. For optimal efficiency, you can edit documents directly within the differencing interface, merge changes, and instantly re-compare the edited files.

DiffDog 2005 provides the same powerful capabilities for directory comparisons, allowing you to compare and merge directories, and open and edit the file pairs directly from the directory comparison display.

Intelligent XML Differencing

In addition to text file and directory comparisons, DiffDog 2005 Professional Edition supports intelligent XML differencing features and options, such as DTD/schema-based validation, well-formedness checking, intelligent entry helpers, and much more to help you compare and merge XML files in an intelligent manner. The DiffDog 2005 XML differencing capabilities are completely customizable. For example, you can specify if entities should be resolved, if namespace prefixes, whitespace, CDATA, processing instructions, comments, or the ordering of attributes/child elements should be ignored or not, how to visualize differences, and so on. DiffDog 2005 Professional Edition also allows you to compare XML files in advanced text view or the indispensable grid view popularized by Altova XMLSpy.

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