AnCAD MATFORMATFOR is a set of Fortran 90/95 and C/C++ libraries that enhances your program with dynamic visualization capabilities, shortens your numerical codes and speeds up your development process. By adding a few lines of MATFOR codes to your Fortran program, you can easily visualize your computing results, perform real-time animations, or even produce a movie presentation file as you execute your program.


MATFOR is based on industry-recognized visualization libraries VTK (Visual Tool Kit) and OpenGL and numerical library Intel MKL (Math Kernel Library).


MATFOR utilizes the Graphics Object Oriented Programming (GOOP) concept to simplify graphical object manipulation and code integration. Especially designed to ease maintainability, MATFOR Graphics Object contains two attributes - Data and Representation. "Data" contains the computation results and "Representation" embraces the manipulations of the final graphs.

Key features

  • MATFOR GUI Builder
    is a graphical user interface for the construction of your own GUI. The drag and create manipulation allows quick design of any interface. Automatically generated source files reflecting every change keeps customized interfaces organized and updated. Most notably, the MATFOR Graphics Widget can be embedded into a window to maintain the high quality of graphics.
  • mfPlayer
    is an exclusive visual tool by which the previously saved numerical data is read and displayed as an interactive movie presentation. As MATFOR saves the simulated data into a MATFOR-defined MFA file, mfPlayer is one approach to present the recorded animation. The complete video clip can then be viewed from different angles. You can download mfPlayer at utilitities and tools page .
  • Numerical Library
    Based on Intel MKL, the numerical library contains over 200 easy-to-use numerical functions subjected to assist users with computational problem-solving.
  • Graphic Library
    Based on Visual Tool Kit and Open GL, the graphics library is a set of high-level visualization procedures for three dimensional data visualization, animation and graphical debugging.
  • mfPlayer
    mfPlayer is an exclusive visual tool by which the previously saved numerical data is read and displayed as an interactive movie presentation. As the simulated data being saved into a MATFOR-defined MFA file, mfPlayer is used to present the recorded animation with additional graphics manipulation.

    To record simulated result(s) into an MFA file, simply use procedures msRecordStart() and msRecordEnd() before and after the animation code to record the animation:

    call msRecordStart('filename.mfa')
    // animation codes
    call msRecordEnd

  • Data Viewer
    MATFOR data viewer is a powerful tool that displays simulating data in a spreadsheet format.
  • Snapshot panel captures the snapshot of the distribution and size of the two dimensional data.
  • Analysis Panel shows the distribution of the data including its average, standard deviation and min/max values.
  • Filter Panel defines a range using conditions of inequalities.
  • MATFOR Graphics Viewer provides a full range of graphical editing procedures which can be manipulated directly using the menu and the toolbar.

PlatformOperating SystemCompiler in FortranCompiler in C++
Intel based systems 32-bit Windows 98/NT/2000/Me/XP
  • Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6C
  • Intel Fortran 8.1/9.0
  • Absoft Fortran 9.0
  • Lahey Fortran 5.7/7.1
  • Intel C/C++ 8.1/9.0
  • Visual C++ 6.0
  • Visual C++.NET 2003
  • Borland C++ Builder 6.0
Intel Based systems 32-bit
  • Red Hat Linux 9.0
  • Fedora Core 1/2/3
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 4.0
  • White-Box Enterprise 3
  • SuSE 9.1 Enterprise
  • Mandrake 10
  • Intel Fortran 8.1/9.0
  • Lahey Fortran 6.2c
  • Absoft Fortran 9.0
  • GNU C++
  • Intel C++ 8.1/9.0
EM64T Systems 64-bitRed Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0
  • Intel Fortran 8.1/9.0
  • Absoft Fortran 10.0
  • GNU C++
  • Intel C++ 8.1/9.0
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