CompuApps OnBelay

CompuApps OnBelay

Powerful solution for Data Backup, Data Recovery & Formatting for Flash Media.

CompuApps Inc., leaders in Data Management solutions, understand the user's need for the best Data Backup, Recovery & formatting tool from lost or damaged storage media.

Product Description:

CompuApps, Inc is pleased to announce the release of OnBelay, a revolutionary recovery solution. OnBelay restores valuable content such as Images, Picture files etc. and is useful for Photographers, News agencies, Journalists, Security Specialists, Physicians, Corporations or individuals who use a Digital Camera or Camcorder, Notebook, Palmtop, PDA, Cellular phone, Digital Recorder, Portable Medical Equipment, Data Logger etc.

12 Solutions in 1 Product:
  1. Backup
  2. Duplicate
  3. Digital Image Recovery
  4. Professional RAW Digital Image Recovery
  5. Digital Movie/Video Recovery
  6. Digital Audio Recovery
  7. Digital Data Recovery
  8. Formatting
  9. Low-level recovery for SmartMedia and MemoryStick
  10. Low-level backup for SmartMedia and MemoryStick
  11. Low-level formatting for SmartMedia and MemoryStick
  12. Panoramic Mode formatting support for SmartMedia
Safe And Easy: OnBelay can backup, duplicate, recover files & format Cards from many types of flash media that have been lost due to system or battery failure, format or deletion or corruption caused by hardware or software malfunction. OnBelay software can recover data from Digital film cards such as CompactFlash, SmartMedia, Memory Stick, MultiMediaCard (MMC), Secure Digital card (SD), IBM Microdrive, ATA PC card, Hard drives, ZIP & Jazz drives etc.

OnBelay for Everyone: OnBelay is simple to use (designed for novice and expert) and can help recover your data in a few simple clicks.

Interfaces: Supports removable devices connected to your IDE, PCMCIA, USB, FireWire (1394), Parallel, SCSI or any interface which windows/mac/linux can support.

Recoverable File formats: JPG/JPEG, TIFF/TIF, WAV, MOV, MPEG/MPG, AVI, BMP, CUR, GIF, ICO, ZIP, PNG, PDF, RTF, DOC, SND, WMV, AIF, ASX, MID, MP3 and more.

Professional RAW File formats: OnBelay recovery RAW files created by the following professional digital cameras.
  1. Canon CRW File
  2. Kodak DCR File
  3. Nikon NEF File
  4. Fuji RAF File
  5. Olympus ORF File
  6. Minolta MRW File
  7. ThumbNail view THM file
Operating Systems:

Supported operating systems are
  • Windows 95B
  • Windows 98 and SE (98 Second Edition)
  • Windows ME
  • Windows NT 4.0 Workstation & Server
  • Windows 2000 Professional and all server versions
  • Windows XP Home and Professional
  • MAC OS X
  • MAC OS 8.6-9.x
  • RedHat Linux
  • Suse Linux
  • Mantrake Linux
  • Turbo Linux

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