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Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite: Powerful XML Integrated Development Environment (XML IDE)

Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite is an advanced XML Integrated Development Environment (XML IDE) consisting of hundreds of powerful XML tools in one all-inclusive suite, and high-performance Java components for deploying data integration applications. Stylus Studio 2007 adds powerful new features, again pushing the innovation envelope that helped establish Stylus Studio as the premier XML IDE. Stylus Studio's best-in-class features for working with XML, XQuery, XML Pipeline, XSLT, EDI, XML Schema/DTD, XPath, SQL/XML, XHTML, XML mapping, XML publishing, Web services set a new benchmark for XML productivity.

XML Editors

Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite includes numerous synchronized, visual XML editing views, Sense:X (Intelligent XML Editing), Integrated XML Validator, XML differencing, and much more!

XQuery (XML Query) Tools

Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite is the first and only XML development tool to support visual XQuery editing, XQuery mapping, and XQuery debugging.


Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite provides comprehensive XSLT development support, including XSLT debugging, XSLT mapping, XSLT profiling, visual HTML-to-XSLT stylesheet design, XSL:FO, and much more!

EDI Tools

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integration tools for converting, mapping and deploying advanced XML data integration applications which invlove read/write access to legacy EDIFACT and X12 data sources.

XML Pipeline

XML Pipeline lets you model your entire XML application instead of just individual pieces - use it to design, edit, debug and deploy advanced XML data service applications.

XML Publishing

Visually design beautiful XML reports for XML publishing applications using XSL:FO, XQuery and XSLT technologies to generate PDF or HTML output from any data source.

XML Schema Editor

Read about Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite's new support for visual XML Schema editing, validation, XSD documentation generation, and other XSD utilities.

Document Type Definition (DTD) Editor

Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite includes a visual DTD editor, integrated DTD validator, and various DTD generation utilities.

XPath Tools

Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite includes utilities for XPath 1.0/2.0, including XPath Evaluator, XPath Expression Generator, Sense:X for XPath (Intelligent XPath Editing), and much more!

Web Services Tools

Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite supports Web Service Development via a Web Service Call Composer, UDDI Registry Browser, and other tools that make it easy to find, test, and use Web services.

XML Mapping Tools

With Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite, you can map data in one format to another using visual drag-and-drop mappers. Stylus Studio's mappers include support for mapping to and from XML documents, Web service data, relational data, flat files, and many more.

Import/Export Utilities for any File, XML and Relational Data

Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite includes Convert to XML, a visual tool for extracting XML data from any file format including CSV, tab separated, binary data files, EDI, or any other flat format, as well as many other data import/export utilities for RDBMS, XML, ADO, and more!

Relational Database Connectivity Tools

Create XML views of relational databases and render relational data as XML with Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite's SQL/XML utilities.

Java and XML Tools

Build XML-enabled Java applications using Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite's JSP Editor, XML-Java debugger, and more.

HTML/XHTML and Web Design Tools

Easily design advanced XML-data driven Web sites with Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite's handy XML tools for Web Designers!

Microsoft and XML Tools

Use Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite to build XML-enabled Microsoft applications with MSXML, Microsoft .NET XML (System.XML), SQL Server 2000, and other XML-enabled products and APIs.

What's New In Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite

Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite is the most significant product release in our 10-year history. There are two all-new XML tools including XML Pipeline - for modeling, editing, debugging, and deploying advanced XML data services, and XML Publisher - for creating enterprise XML publishing and content management applications. In addition to these powerful new tools, you'll find many performance and usibility enhancements to our existing toolkit. The following are just some of the highlights of this historic new release.

XML Pipeline

An XML pipeline is a way to express the various steps in processing XML documents. Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite provides powerful grapical tools for expressing XML pipelines in terms of a series of XML operations, for example, converting, validating, transforming, or performing other operations on an XML document. Using the XML Pipeline, Software Architects can easily visualize their XML applications (such as ETL, EII, and EAI applications) at a higher level, and automate many common XML programming tasks including Java code generation and debugging of XML processing applications.

XML Publishing

Simplify XML Publising applications with Stylus Studio XML Publisher, a powerful XML report designer that allows users to design stylesheets which express advanced document layouts for use in single-source publishing, XML content management, and multi-channel publishing applications. Using an intuitive visual interface, business users can easily design rich document layouts to publish XML to PDF, HTML, Postscript and many other document formats using XSLT 1.0, XSLT 2.0, or XQuery 1.0. Stylus Studio XML Publisher supports numerous heterogeneous data sources including relational databases; XML databases; Web services: EDI, EDIFACT, X12, CSV and other flat file formats; as well as XML and XML Schema documents.

Data Conversion API's

Data Conversion API's are an enhancement to Stylus Studio Deployment Adapters, enabling you to read and write to many different file formats from your Java applications. So whatever your data format is: Base-64, Binary, d_Base, EDI, TSV, JSON, or any other legacy data format, our powerful data conversion API's can help.

Tools Support for DataDirect XQuery 2.0

Develop XQuery expressions that access most relational databases including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and IBM DB2. Includes integrated support generating Java code that invokes DataDirect XQuery for deploying XQuery applications with the click of a button.

Integrated Support for Saxon SA 8.7.3

The Stylus Studio XQuery and XSLT tools have been updated to support the Saxon SA 8.7.3 processor, a leading Java-based XSLT and XQuery processing component.

Key Benefits of Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite

Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite main design goals were to maximize XML developer productivity, push innovation, and provide unquestioned value, which are the top needs for both software developers and managers alike.


Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite can automate and accelerate the XML development process. XML's verbose self-describing syntax is generally cumbersome to work with manually, and is of course better suited for being developed with using an XML IDE. Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite consists of powerful XML editors, for example, an XML editor that allows users to work with XML in a variety of different XML editing views including text, XML grid, and tree views. Complex XML code - for XQuery, XSLT, XML Schema or SQL/XML queries - can be intuitively developed using their respective editors, which support drag-and-drop or visual design operations. Productivity gains are also achieved using Stylus Studio's plentiful XML developer features, including code generation tools for automatically generating java code, XML Schemas and DTDs - and XML conversion utilities (import/export data wizards and HTML-to-XSLT conversions, or hundreds of other data conversion operations) which automate commonly performed developer tasks. Integrated support for concurrent source control versioning systems and a robust project window enable Stylus Studio to be used on large software projects in real-world software development scenarios. Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite is the ultimate productivity enhancer for XML application development!


The explosive growth of XML standards and their extensive adoption throughout enterprise computing requires an XML IDE that can provide comprehensive and innovative support for the newest XML technologies, and one capable of issuing timely product updates as XML specifications evolve. Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite has a long history of first-to-market achievements, including the first XML Pipeline, XSLT debugger, XSLT Mapper, and is by far the leading industry innovator in new XQuery tools and updated standards compliance. And on startup, Stylus Studio notifies you if an update to your installed version is available, so you are never behind the curve in the rapidly evolving world of XML technology. Take a moment to view the complete list of innovative XML development features and productivity tools which makes Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite the strongest, most versatile XML IDE available on the marketplace.

But recognizing that enterprise XML applications eventually need to be deployed to production environments which demand high scalability, Stylus Studio further pushes innovation with XML Deployment Adapters - high-speed Java components which expose a data conversion API which enable you to read and write any legacy data as XML from your Java, XSLT or XQuery applications.


At a retail price of just a few hundred dollars for a single user software license of Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite, Stylus Studio offers unprecedented value as a true enterprise software development tool. (Volume software license discounts are also available.) But the value of a tool is not solely derived by merely weighing the cost of the software application against the types of productivity gains described earlier. Stylus Studio's vast collection of XML debuggers and testing utilities ensures correct program behavior and eliminates costly software bugs at the outset of the software development cycle, resulting in better quality code. Furthermore, the XML standards-based approach to software application development is fundamentally more cost effective then proprietary alternatives, enabling you to avoid the higher costs associated with single vendor traps and lock-ins. Finally, Stylus Studio product support is offered free of charge, and the Stylus Studio Developers Network offers numerous free developer resources, eliminating complicated and overpriced support and maintenance plans. Best of all, developers can download a free trial now. Overall, Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite provides compelling value in so many different aspects for developers and development managers alike.

Supported System Configurations

Stylus Studio 2007 XML has been certified with the following operating system, hardware, and related software configurations:

Hardware Requirements
Pentium class system with 128 MB RAM and 100 MB free disk space.

Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 2.

Other Requirements
Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.5 or higher.

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