MINITAB Release 14

MINITAB Release 14
Statistical Software for Windows

Welcome to the Next Generation of Statistical Software

MINITAB Statistical Software is the ideal package for Six Sigma and other quality improvement projects. From Statistical Process Control to Design of Experiments, it offers you the methods you need to implement every phase of your quality project, along with features like StatGuide and ReportPad that help you understand and communicate your results. No package is more accurate, reliable, or easy to use.

In addition to more statistical power than our previous release, MINITAB 14 offers many exciting new features such as:
  • A powerful new graphics engine that delivers engaging results that offer tremendous insight into your data
  • An effortless method to create, edit, and update graphs
  • The ability to customize your menus and toolbars so you can conveniently access the methods you use most

MINITAB Release 14 Features and Capabilities

Ease of Use
  • Customizable menus and toolbars
  • Project Manager: logically organizes analysis
  • StatGuide: explains output
  • ReportPad: generates reports
  • Online tutorials
  • Smart dialog boxes: remember recent settings
  • Clear, comprehensive HTML Help system
  • Extensive preferences and user-editable profiles
Data and File Management
  • Save output and data as HTML
  • Unlimited worksheet size
  • Import/export: Excel, text, and other formats
  • Import Microsoft Excel workbook sheets individually
  • Import currency formats
  • ODBC querying
  • Autofill
  • Hide and unhide columns
  • Data manipulation: merge, subset, sort, transpose, change data type
  • Find and replace in Data window
  • 4000 columns per worksheet
  • Matrix functions
  • Double-precision worksheets
  • New and updated sample data sets
  • New state-of-the-art graphics engine
  • Pictorial gallery and streamlined dialog boxes simplify graph creation
  • Interactively edit attributes (axes, scale, etc.) and recreate custom graphs with new data
  • Intuitive tool to place multiple graphs on one page
  • Display data from different variables or By groups in panels on the same page
  • Information display tools: tool tips, crosshairs, plant flags
  • Set your own preferences for graph attribute defaults
  • Graphs can update as data change
  • Built-in graphs: a variety of displays available with a single click
  • Rotating 3D graphs
  • Scatter plots, boxplots, dotplots, histograms, charts, time series plots
  • Probability plots, contour plots
  • Matrix plots, pie charts
  • Interval plots, individual value plots, area graphs
  • Numerous special-purpose graphs
  • OLE: edit MINITAB graphs in other applications
  • Graph brushing
  • Save as TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP
  • Complete command language
  • Powerful macro capability for automating tasks or creating new capabilities
Basic Statistics
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Confidence intervals, one- and two-sample t-tests, paired t-tests
  • Estimation and tests for one and two proportion problems
  • Correlation and covariance
  • Normality test
  • Test for equal variances
  • Generate basic statistics from summary data
Regression Analysis
  • Linear regression
  • Polynomial regression
  • Logistic regression
  • Partial least squares (PLS)
  • Stepwise and best subsets
  • Residual plots
Analysis of Variance
  • General linear model (GLM)
  • Unbalanced nested designs
  • Fully nested designs
  • Analysis of means
  • Multiple comparisons
  • Residual, main effects, and interaction plots
Analysis of Variance
  • Run chart
  • Pareto chart
  • Fishbone diagram
  • Control charts: XBar, R, S, XBar-R, XBar-S, I, MR, I-MR, I-MR-R/S, MA, EWMA, CUSUM, zone, short run, p, np, c, u
  • Multivariate control charts: T2, generalized variance, MEWMA
  • Custom tests for special causes
  • Individual distribution identification
  • Box-Cox transformation
  • Johnson transformation
  • Historical/shift-in-process charts
  • Process capability: normal, nonnormal, attribute, and batch
  • Process capability for multiple variables
  • Process Capability Sixpack
  • Shainin Multi-Vari charts
  • Symmetry plot
Measurement Systems Analysis
  • Gage R&R: ANOVA and XBar-R methods
  • Nested Gage R&R
  • Attribute Gage Study - AIAG long method
  • Attribute agreement analysis
  • Gage linearity and accuracy
  • Gage run chart
Design of Experiments
  • Two-level factorial designs
  • General full factorial designs
  • Plackett-Burman designs
  • Response surface designs
  • Mixture designs
  • D-optimal and distanced-based designs
  • Taguchi designs
  • User-specified designs
  • Analysis of variability for factorial designs
  • Response prediction
  • Botched runs
  • Mixture plots
  • Overlaid contour plot
  • Plots: residual, main effects, interaction, cube, contour, surface, and wireframe
  • Response optimization
Reliability/Survival Analysis
  • Parametric and nonparametric distribution analysis
  • Goodness-of-fit measures
  • ML and least squares estimates
  • Exact failure, right-, left-, and interval-censored data
  • Accelerated life testing
  • Regression with life data
  • Reliability test plans
  • Threshold of parameter distributions
  • Analysis of repairable systems
  • Analysis of multiple failure modes
  • Probit analysis
  • Weibayes analysis
  • Hypothesis tests on distribution parameters
  • Plots: distribution, probability, hazard, and survival
  • Confidence intervals
Power and Sample Size
  • One-sample Z, t, and proportion
  • Two-sample t and proportion
  • One-way ANOVA, two-level factorial, and Plackett-Burman
  • Solve for number of center points
  • Provide any two of: power, difference, and sample size; MINITAB will solve for the third
Multivariate Analysis
  • Principal component analysis
  • Discriminant analysis
  • Cluster analysis
  • Factor analysis
  • Correspondence analysis
Time Series and Forecasting
  • Time series plots
  • Auto-, partial auto-, and cross correlations
  • ARIMA analysis
  • Trend analysis
  • Decomposition
  • Exponential smoothing
  • Winter's method
  • Moving average
  • Sign test
  • Wilcoxon test
  • Mann-Whitney test
  • Kruskal-Wallis test
  • Friedman test
  • Runs test
  • Mood median test
  • Improved cross-tabulation interface with new measures of association
  • Contingency tables
  • Chi-square test
  • Tally
  • Fisher's exact test for 2x2 tables
Simulation and Distributions
  • Random number generator
  • Density, distribution, and inverse cumulative distribution functions
  • Random sampling

MINITAB Release 14 Technical and System Requirements
  • Windows 98, ME, NT 4, 2000, XP Home or Professional
  • 300 MHz Processor
  • 64 MB RAM
  • CD ROM required for installation
  • 85 MB hard disk space for full installation

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