Quality Companion 2 by Minitab

Quality Companion 2 by Minitab

Features Overview

Managing Six Sigma projects can be cumbersome and inefficient - unless you have the right tools. Quality Companion 2 provides organizational power, practical quality improvement tools, and on-demand guidance in a single, easy-to-use software package.


Project Roadmap Organize projects into phases and create a launch pad for the tools needed for every task. Customize roadmaps for any type of improvement project.
Project Charter Define and present scope, constraints and assumptions, team members and roles, plans, and other details.
Project Prioritization Evaluate options and select the project likely to have the most impact.
Data Sharing Eliminate retyping data by sharing information across project tools - for instance, x's in a Process Map automatically populate your Cause and Effect Matrix.
All-in-One Project File Keep all project information, even non-Companion documents, in one file, making it a snap to share, review, report, and archive information.
Practical Tools

Process Map Construct high-level or detailed flow charts that include variables and data.
Brainstorming Tools: Fishbone, CT Tree, Idea Mapping, and Cause and Effect Diagrams Capture creative ideas during brainstorming sessions and share x's and y's identified during charting with other project tools.
Cause and Effect Matrix Determine possible causes of process outcomes, compare their importance, and identify where variation may occur.
Balloting Easily prioritize ideas, identify problems, and evaluate causes with multivoting tools.
Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) Anticipate and quantify the likelihood of problems.
Supplier-Input-Process-Output-Customer (SIPOC) Analysis  Identify every relevant element of your process and refine the scope of complex projects.
Y Metrics Chart Measure project progress against its baseline and goals.
Six Sigma Funnel Report Identify all process inputs (x's) and explain which are critical, potential, or eliminated.
Capability Roll-up Report Calculate process capability for outputs across multiple sequential operations, using continuous or discrete data.
Value Stream Map Comparison Visualize the movement of material and information through a process "before and after" a project.
5S Audit Evaluate process conditions relative to 5S best practices.
Rolled Throughput Metrics Assess the probability of completing a process without scrap or rework.
House of Quality Matrix Determine which combinations of customer and technical requirements have the most potential for improving products or services.
Pugh Matrix Determine which of several competing designs or strategies best matches a list of requirements.
Stakeholder Analysis Identify all groups and individuals affected by a project.
Project Risk Assessment Lay out the potential costs associated with improving a process.
Financial Analysis Estimate savings generated by improving a process.
Control Plan Document how to sustain a successful project's benefits.
Presentation Manager Create dynamic presentations directly in Quality Companion.

Coaches Select and use tools correctly with extensive guidance prepared by Six Sigma experts.
Help and Demos Detailed online help and animated demos make Quality Companion easy to use.
Analysis Capture Review and interpret output from Minitab Statistical Software, ensuring the most important information in each analysis is highlighted in project reports.


Help your entire company do Six Sigma the way it was intended.

Whatever your role in quality improvement, Quality Companion makes your day-to-day work easier and makes your entire improvement program more efficient and productive.

Green and Black Belts

Do the right thing consistently, confidently, and efficiently.

Without a clear framework to follow, new belts often struggle with knowing what steps to take when. Quality Companion points them in the right direction and provides expert guidance while reducing administrative and reporting burdens, so teams will get through projects faster and with less aggravation.

Master Black Belts

Reduce the "What do I do now?" factor.

Master Black Belts often find themselves answering the same questions, over and over again. Quality Companion lets them anticipate their teams' concerns and include answers right in the software, making project deployment smooth and efficient and allowing Black Belts to devote more time to higher-level mentoring and projects.


See the status of every project clearly and immediately.

Until Belts put complete information into their company's project tracking system - often at the conclusion of a project - executives have no easy way to review a project's status and determine when to provide assistance. Quality Companion automatically documents a team's progress in detail, enhancing project tracking systems so executives can see as much about a project as they wish, at any time.

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