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NetSupport DNA (Dynamic Network Administration) facilitates central management of your enterprise PCs in a secure, coordinated and efficient manner.

Combining powerful Hardware and Software Inventory with Software Distribution, Application and Internet Metering, Web based Helpdesk, PC Remote Control and more, NetSupport DNA ensures compliance with corporate configuration standards whilst simultaneously reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

IT assets account for the largest proportion of the overall IT spend, therefore, ensuring they are properly managed and maintained becomes one of the highest priority corporate goals for any organization where TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is high on the agenda.

Without a comprehensive management program in place, IT assets can cost far more than necessary through waste and redundancy (direct costs) and overly complex management and maintenance (indirect costs). By implementing an effective IT asset management program, companies can view every asset in their enterprise, allowing them to control and manage IT assets, eliminate waste and redundancy, and comply with ever-tightening government compliance regulations.

The annual cost of supporting this IT infrastructure can often result in costs spiraling out of control, where the initial purchase price of IT assets pales into insignificance. Understanding leasing arrangements and undertaking proactive asset management ensures compliance with software license agreements and makes budget forecasting more accurate. Knowing how many of your users are using a specific application at any given time will allow for both effective trimming of software budgets and a realistic prediction of future software investment.

Information is key. Without this, decisions on upgrades and the roll-out of new technology will not be taken from an entirely informed position.

From a cost-saving standpoint, knowing the inventory of IT assets is critical when deciding whether to purchase more assets, redistribute current assets, or retire them completely - along with their costly maintenance contracts and renewal fees.

Recognizing that organizations have differing requirements, NetSupport DNA is available in a modular format, allowing you to pick and choose only those features that best meet the current needs of your organization.


NetSupport DNA provides a range of features to locate and Manage PCs and Users within a networked environment. Not only does DNA store key user data (Name, Telephone etc.) but it also provides detailed storage of supporting Asset, Lease and Maintenance data. In addition DNA provides the customer with the ability to customize the data to be gathered and collated from each user.

DNA also provides the mechanism to create Dynamic groups, these are added to the main Company Tree view and can contain PCs from any number of departments. A typical group might be "all PCs with Windows XP and more than 256Mb of Ram".

Other supporting Tools include Connection Statistics, Find User, Chat, Message and a powerful Data Query Tool.

DNA also keeps a history of changes to the data entered in User Data. Changes to Custom User Details are recorded including the following fields: Employee Number, Location, Asset Tag and Owner.

System Requirements

System Requirements for NetSupport DNA and DNA Helpdesk

NetSupport DNA Server

Recommended Hardware:
Pentium III 500Mhz or higher, with 256Mb Ram.

Free Space required:
100 Mb+ (dependant on number of clients supported)

OS Supported:
Windows NT, 2000, XP or 2003 Server.

Databases supported:
Microsoft MSDE, SQL7 or SQL2000. TCP/IP network


Free Space required:
35 MB

OS Supported:
Windows 2000, XP and 2003 Server.

Internet Explorer 6 or higher. TCP/IP network


Free Space required:
5 MB

OS Supported:
Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and 2003 Server TCP/IP network

NetSupport DNA Helpdesk Server

Internet Explorer 6 or later
Windows 2000/XP/2003
Internet Information server (part of windows OS)

NB: Access the Helpdesk from any machine, using a web browser (see above).

Supported Browsers:
IE 5 or later
Netscape 6 or later

In order to view reports in the Netscape Browser you will need the Sun Java Virtual Machine

In order to view reports in the IE 6 and later on the XP or 2003 Operating systems you will need the Sun Java Virtual Machine.

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