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With NetSupport School, Teachers and Trainers can improve classroom instruction by centrally instructing their Students on their PCs, maintain Student attention by monitoring application and web usage and save time by quickly polling the class and showing instant results.

Teachers can also record all screen, keyboard and mouse activity on a Student workstation to review later or replay to the whole class.

With educational budgets under increasing pressure, NetSupport School enables schools, colleges and training institutions to maximize the return from the IT infrastructure already in place.

How Does it Work ?

NetSupport School is a "software only" solution, no additional hardware is required. Two key components are supplied, the Tutor (control) software used by the Teacher and the Student (client) software which is installed on each PC in your classroom. The Tutor software will locate and then interact with the classroom PCs using the existing network.


NetSupport School is a class leading training software solution, providing teachers with the ability to interact with their students either individually, as a pre-defined group or to the overall class.

Combining advanced multiple PC monitoring with an innovative customized test designer and the ability to create automated Lesson Plans, this latest version rises to the challenge and requirements of today's modern classroom.

Providing the very latest IT infrastructure is only half the equation. Ensuring it is used in the most effective way represents the other half. With NetSupport School, full application and Internet control is offered as standard, allowing for individual or overall class restrictions to be applied whereby only approved websites are visited and appropriate applications are used. Combine this with the ability to blank the students screens and to simultaneously monitor all Student PCs either in thumbnail or full screen mode, complete Student attention and focus is encouraged at all times.

Monitor Mode

When viewing students in real time under Monitor mode, if the class numbers are large ( i.e. 30+) its often hard to see in detail the activity on a specific screen. The new Auto zoom feature now provides when the Teacher "mouse overs" a specific Student thumbnail a larger version of that Thumbnail for review.

Internet Control Module

Identify active and background URL's running on Student PCs. Drag & drop URL's into "Approved" or "Restricted" lists or choose "Thumbnail" view for the selection of websites using icons rather than actual URLs. Direct Students to a local webpage displaying "locked" information if attempting to open a restricted URL.

The Tutor can also open specified webpages on all Student workstations. A record is also kept of all Student Internet activity for the duration of the lesson. Within v8, a further "Block All Internet Access" option has been added whereby a Tutor can quickly disable all access in a single action from within any area of NetSupport School.

Application Control Module

Control and restrict the application usage of your Students. Identify both active and minimized applications, displaying the actual application icon next to each Student name. Drag and Drop applications into either an "Approved" or "Restricted" list. To ensure maximum Student attention, a specified application can be opened on all or selected Student PCs. A record of software / application usage is kept for the duration of the lesson.

The Tutor is also able to set specific application usage restrictions on a per Student basis together with the standard overall class restrictions.


Display the Tutor screen on the Student's screen, using your existing Local Area Network to provide real-time Computer Training without the need for video splitters or any additional hardware. In addition, the new Broadcast Show feature greatly improves Show performance when the Tutor needs to demonstrate to multiple Students.

Class Wizard

Provides a single interface for a Tutor to specify the elements and features they wish to utilize within any given lesson, ensuring the complete range of functionality is available from a simple easily accessible single input dialogue.

Student Register

Evolving the current "Get Name" feature, NSS v8 now offers Student Registration where additional user information can be captured.

Having completed the "Class Details" which includes Teachers Name, Lesson Title and Room Number / Name, the Tutor can then select the information that the Students will be required to complete, including custom field creation.

Once collected a class attendance register can be produced and printer or saved in a range of formats.

Remote Control

Watch, share or control the screen, keyboard and mouse of any student workstation irrespective of color depth, resolution, network protocol or operating system at either end.

Lesson Plans

Pre-Plan the scope of the lesson and NetSupport School will continue to advise the teacher on time remaining, when the next action is due and more.

Within the main Tutor console a progress bar will advise the teacher on the current activity and time remaining.

A lesson plan is created by simply dragging required elements from the right hand list menu onto the planner and Specifying a duration for each item.

Lesson Timer

Countdown the class session with the new lesson timer combined with an all new custom alerts feature, e.g. "10 minutes until end of lesson, save work now".

Countdown timer changes colour from Green to Amber to Red as the end of the lesson approaches.

File Distribution

Distribute files and data from the tutor PC to multiple student workstations simultaneously with a minimum of keystrokes and effort.

File Transfer

Transfer and manipulate files between workstations using advanced "Drag and Drop" technology.

White Board

NetSupport School 8 features a new tool tab, providing a full page White Board integrated directly within the Tutor console supported with a wealth of drawing tools for improved collaboration within the classroom.

The new Whiteboard feature also allows a teacher to add content before making it available to the rest of the class, and can simply "toggle" access and visibility.

Group Leader

Recognizing that Students work at different speeds, NetSupport School encourages group work where a nominated Student can be assigned Tutor rights and act as a Group Leader until such privileges are revoked.

Group Chat

Open a discussion box that all, or selected students can enter their comments in and that can be viewed by the rest of the class: Ideal for conducting class forums. During this Chat session, an interactive whiteboard is available to improve understanding.


With the multiple scan function, you can cycle through all connected Students, displaying up to 16 Student PCs simultaneously at pre-determined timed intervals.

Show Video

NetSupport School 8 now provides the ability to launch a "Show Video" from within a normal Screen Show.

From the annotation toolbar the teacher can select a video file and launch playback.

Power Management

If your workstation hardware and software supports it, you can use NetSupport to Power up /down the Student workstations over the LAN.

Blank Student Screens

If you want to make sure that the students are looking at you and not at their monitors, simply use the attention button to blank their screens. You can also lock their keyboards and mouse at the same time.

Launch Applications

Using a simple instruction, launch applications on the Student workstations directly from within the NetSupport Control Program.

Student Testing Module

Design tests and examinations with the minimum of effort. NSS incorporates a full Test Designer allowing a Tutor to set customized tests including text, picture, audio and video questions.

Once the test has been completed, in the pre-set time by the specified Students, the results are automatically collated, marked and made available to the Tutor where individual results for each Student can be saved to file. To allow for content sharing between different classes, the ability to import or export questions is also included.

Instant Surveys

Find out whether your Students have understood the Class, by conducting an instant survey with the results to a customised question being displayed in real-time on the Tutor screen. The survey is automatically sent to all connected Students or selected individuals and allows for pre-set questions to be stored for later use.


While in Show, View or Exhibit mode, the Tutor is able to annotate the display with a range of highlighting tools enhancing presentation and understanding.

Screen Capture

Capture a Student's current screen content and save to a file for future reference. In addition, details for the machine name, current logged on user and date and time stamp are also recorded.

Classroom Layout

Allows you to record the layout of the classroom and display where each student is sitting.

Scalable View Windows

When you view a student's screen, you get exactly that, a perfect replication of their screen. But sometimes they may be using a different screen resolution. With the "Scale To Fit" option, you are able to scale their screen so that all of it is displayed at once.

Easy Installation

NetSupport School's 32bit installation program makes it easy to install and configure. It is also available fully localized in English, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Japanese & Spanish.

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