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Knoll Light Factory 2 for Photoshop

Professional Lighting Effects:

Light Factory was created by John Knoll, co-author of Adobe Photoshop and a Visual Effects Supervisor at Industrial Light and Magic. Knoll Light Factory includes 25 individual lens filters that allow you to design a wide array of light effects from simple flares to glows to a photon torpedo.

Tracking at Your Command:

Light Factory delivers an unprecedented amount of control over the look of your light effects by combing simple elements like glows, stars, fans and spike shapes. Each filter has global controls for the brightness, size, color, and angle of the overall effect.

You can use the sophisticated auto track control to add a light effect to a point in a composite. You can also quickly show or hide light effects as the light source moves behind a layer using the Obscuration control. With Light Factory 2, the realistic motion blur features have been updated to work in 16-bit mode.

System requirements:

Adobe Photoshop 6.0 (7.0 or later for Mac OS X)
Adobe Photoshop CS

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