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Supports Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro,
Sony Vegas,and Avid

Now for Avid systems

"Magic Bullet Editors is exactly that - a magic bullet. I now shoot in a new way, taking new chances, knowing that I can make a shot truly remarkable, even with DV. My clients are amazed by the images I return to them. With Magic Bullet Editors, I can finish in Final Cut Pro, making my life immensely less complicated when it comes time for revisions. Many of the innovative looks in current films, music videos, and commercials are available in post, without the hefty price-tag of shooting film. Now my color correct sessions are thrilling,"
Todd Sali, Videography and President of thesandbox

"Magic Bullet Editors is one of those must-have plug-in suites..."
Mark Bennett, MacUser

"...the Magic Bullet Editors plug-in suite for Apple's Final Cut Pro delivers industrial-strength tools for softening and color-correcting digital video, and imparts a slick, analog sheen to existing DV footage."
David Biedny, MacAddict

Supports HD & new Sony HDV camera


Developed at The Orphanage, by former Industrial Light + Magic visual effects artist Stu Maschwitz, Magic Bullet Editors provides digital video professionals with simple tools to transform the crisp, soap-opera look of video to the softer, more organic look of film. Select from over 50 custom-designed Looks or create and save your own.
  • Make any video source look like film including DV, HDV, HD, BetaCam & DigiBeta
  • Includes 50 presets that mimic popular TV and film "looks"
  • Includes looks inspired by The Matrix, Traffic, & Three Kings
  • Create and save your own unique looks
  • Soften the harsh edges and over saturated colors of video
  • Provides 14 filters that accurately mimic damage of old film
  • Film damage includes grain, splotches, scratches and projection artifacts
  • Uses proprietary DeepColor technology delivering the highest quality output
  • Optimized for Power Mac G5 and Intel Pentium 4
  • Create and save your own unique looks.
  • Add grain and scratches to mimic the look of old film with powerful film damage controls.
  • Apply proprietary DeepColor technology to deliver professional quality output.
  • Easy to use and install - drop preset on timeline - render - done.
  • Used by NBC, ABC, Disney, and Time Warner, on thousands of professional projects from Vanilla Sky to Nike commercials.
What makes Magic Bullet technology the de facto standard for professionals?
  • Over 20,000 users worldwide
  • DeepColor technology We use a proprietary rendering technology, called DeepColor that processes pixels at four times the precision of similar applications and applies floating point imaging processing to ensure the highest possible output quality
  • Look Suite technology Visually calibrated controls that mimic actual physical filters used by film cinematagraphers, deliverying unmatched film-like results

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