Magic Bullet Shite pad Magic Bullet Suite

Supports Adobe After Effects 6.0 or later.

The Cost of Video, the Look of Film!

This post-production tool precisely manipulates digital video so that it exhibits all of the characteristics of traditional celluloid film. The result is multiplex-quality output that meets the highest standards of film and broadcast professionals. Adobe Systems, Inc.

New Version! Supports HD & new Sony HDV camera


Includes 18 After Effects plug-ins that deliver a complete production pipeline for processing digital video footage for output to DVD, TV, or film. Magic Bullet was developed at The Orphanage, by former Industrial Light & Magic visual effects artist Stu Maschwitz, to provide digital video professionals the tools to transform the harsh look of video to the softer, more organic look of film.
  • Add 24p motion effects True 24p conversion tools, deinterlacing and frame rate converting 60i or 50i material
  • DV compression correction - remove DV compression artifacts
  • Library of 55 film treatments including looks inspired by The Matrix, Traffic, Three Kings, Amelie, and Saving Private Ryan
  • Customize and save your own unique Looks
  • Film damage effects - 13 filters to accurately mimic film grain, splotches, scratches, and projection artifacts
  • Create film-like dissolves, fades to black or burns to white
  • Letterboxer - crop footage to any standard format, from TV safe to Ben Hur wide
  • Test and fix your video colors to ensure they meet the broadcast specification parameters
  • Treat all video formats to look and feel more like film including DV, HDV, HD, BetaCam, DigiBeta
  • Use 24p conversion tools to give your video the ultimate filmic look and feel
  • Match the filmic style output from today's 24p cameras using your existing 60i or 50i camera
  • The 55 preset film treatments lowers the learning curve and quickly allows you to finish your video like a pro
  • True 24p mastering for film transfer output
  • Add film-like dissolves and fade to black or white.
  • Letterbox any video source for that "extra" film look
  • Before broadcasting your video project be sure to test and fix colors using Broadcast Spec.
What makes Magic Bullet technology the de facto standard for professionals?
  • Over 20,000 users worldwide
  • DeepColor technology We use a proprietary rendering technology, called DeepColor that processes pixels at four times the precision of similar applications and applies floating point imaging processing to ensure the highest possible output quality
  • Deinterlacing Magic Bullet uses a unique combination of field based pattern matching and motion compensated deinterlacing techniques deliverying the sharpest results on the market
  • Look Suite technology Visually calibrated controls that mimic actual physical filters used by film cinematagraphers, deliverying unmatched film-like results
  • Complete toolkit One set of tools will transform your video -- mimicking the speed, motion and "look" of film

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