Primate Plug-in PackpadPrimatte Plugin Pack (Box)

Supports Adobe After Effects, Avid AVX, and Discreet combustion.


Primatte Plug-In Pack, bundles the popular plug-ins Primatte Keyer, Composite Wizard, and Image Lounge. Take compositing to the next level with tools to extract mattes quickly from any color background; fix tattered edges, improper focal depth cues, or unbalanced color schemes; and add realistic touches using shadows.
  • Simple user interface for generating mattes.
  • Over 20 filters for automating color correction, blurring and feathering edges, and removing unwanted artifacts.
  • Miracle AlphaCleaner and Denoiser?eliminate unwanted elements such as dirt, film grain, and other chatter.
  • Over 20 filters for making dynamic images or motion text.
  • Dozens of parameters for controlling particle size, color, velocity, and direction.
  • Optimized to extract keys from low quality video sources, even DV footage.
  • Adjust a clip?s color automatically to match the composite environment.
  • Generate graphics that make animations and text look more organic and photo-realistic.
  • Simulate the most realistic fire and cloud formations.
  • Add grunge to text, simulate a mirage effect, or outline a moving image.

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