Text FX offers an indispensible set of animation tools built right in the Flash timeline. Whether you want to add simple motion to your text, create unique professional animations or jazz up a presentation, Text FX will save you time and allow you to create unique animation styles not possible only using Flash. Text FX's 30 different presets offer plenty to get you started, and once you're ready there are more than 40 animation controls to let you design and create your own.


Key Features and Benefits
  • Creates text animations directly on the Flash timeline without keyframing
  • 30 animation presets, ranging from a fast Zoom to Wiggly Outliner
  • Create and save your own animation presets for later use
  • Modify and preview different styles using extensive speed controls
  • Designed to produce quick high-quality results for the expert and the novice
  • Preset categories include Zoomer, Rain, Outliner, Typewriter, Pulse and more
  • All Red Giant plug-ins share the same easy to use intuitive interface
Reasons to Buy
  • Saves time by taking the tedium out of animating individual text characters
  • Presets let you add professional animations with just two clicks--no more keyframing!
  • Make your Flash text designs stand out, with 40 different design controls
  • Generates unique animations not possible only using Flash
  • Create, preview, modify then apply your animations for a ultra fast workflow
System Requirements
  • Macromedia Flash MX / Pro 2004
  • Mac OS X/Windows XP
  • 400 MHz G4/500 MHz P3 processor
  • 256 MB available RAM
  • 4 MB available disk space
  • 1024 x 768 monitor resolution
  • Flash Player 6

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