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Surfer 13 - Contouring & Surface Mapping
for Windows
Surfer 12 - Powerful Contouring, Gridding, and 3D Surface Mapping Software for Scientists and Engineers
Surfer is a full-function 3D visualization, contouring and surface modeling package that runs under Microsoft Windows. Surfer is used extensively for terrain modeling, bathymetric modeling, landscape visualization, surface analysis, contour mapping, 3D surface mapping, gridding, volumetrics, and much more.
Surfer 11
Part Number Edition Contents MSRP Our Price Order
SURFER_13_1-3 Commercial License, ESD 849.00 764.00
SURFER_13_4-10 Commercial License, ESD 805.00 724.00
SURFER_13_11+ Commercial License, ESD 765.00 688.00
SURFER_13_UPG Commercial Upgrade, ESD 279.00 251.00
SURFER_13_UG Commercial User's Guide - PDF 25.00 22.00
Grapher 11 - 2D & 3D Graphing
for Windows
Grapher 10 - The Most Sophisticated Graphing Package Available
Grapher is the only graphing program you will ever need. Create powerful stunning graphs quickly and efficiently. Ideal for scientists, engineers, and business professionals.
Grapher 9
Part Number Edition Contents MSRP Our Price Order
GRAPHER_11_1-3 Commercial License, ESD 489.00 440.00
GRAPHER_11_4-10 Commercial License, ESD 465.00 418.00
GRAPHER_11_11+ Commercial License, ESD 440.00 396.00
GRAPHER_11_UPG Commercial Upgrade, ESD 169.00 152.00
GRAPHER_11_UG Commercial User's Guide - PDF 169.00 152.00
Voxler 4 - 3D Data Visualization
for Windows
Voxler 3 - Your 3D Data Visualization Solution
Create powerful, fast, customized 3D images of your data with Voxler 3. Easily import data in a multitude of file formats to create stunning models that visualize the relationships across your data set. This robust, yet user-friendly program gives you the power to display your data in a variety of formats and colors, capture video animation of your moving model, and select from several image and data export options.
Voxler 3
Part Number Edition Contents MSRP Our Price Order
VOXLER_4_1-3 Commercial License, ESD 479.00 431.00
VOXLER_4_4-10 Commercial License, ESD 455.00 409.00
VOXLER_4_11+ Commercial License, ESD 430.00 387.00
VOXLER_4_UPG Commercial Upgrade, ESD 159.00 143.00
VOXLER_4_UG Commercial User's Guide - PDF 25.00 22.00
MapViewer 8 - Thematic Maps & Spatial Analysis
for Windows
MapViewer 7 - Efficient Solution for Visually Displaying Spatial Data
MapViewer is an affordable mapping and spatial analysis tool that allows you to easily produce publication-quality thematic maps. Precisely display your data distribution with the most intuitive functions and features. Your data is unique and you need the best mapping software for the job!
MapViewer 7
Part Number Edition Contents MSRP Our Price Order
MAPVIEWER_8_1-3 Commercial License, ESD 459.00 413.00
MAPVIEWER_8_4-10 Commercial License, ESD 435.00 391.00
MAPVIEWER_8_11+ Commercial License, ESD 415.00 373.00
MAPVIEWER_8_UPG Commercial Upgrade, ESD 79.00 71.00
MAPVIEWER_8_UG Commercial User's Guide - PDF 25.00 22.00
Didger 5 - Digitizing & Coordinate Conversion
for Windows
Didger 5 - Discover the Ultimate Geoprocessing Toolbox!
All the advanced features you need in a low-cost, unbelievably versatile program. This is the perfect data conversion tool for any mapping or GIS professional.
Didger 4
Part Number Edition Contents MSRP Our Price Order
DIDGER_5_1-3 Commercial License, ESD 389.00 350.00
DIDGER_5_4-10 Commercial License, ESD 370.00 333.00
DIDGER_5_11+ Commercial License, ESD 350.00 315.00
DIDGER_5_UPG Commercial Upgrade, ESD 129.00 116.00
DIDGER_5_UG Commercial User's Guide - PDF 25.00 22.00
Strater 4 - Well Log & Borehole Plotting
for Windows
Strater 4 - Stratigraphically Superior Well Log, Borehole & Cross Section Plotting Software
Strater displays your raw data as borehole and well logs, maps and cross sections. Strater offers unsurpassed flexibility in design and layout. Strater's intuitive point-and-click user interface makes it easy to quickly visualize your subsurface data and create professional reports.
Strater 3
Part Number Edition Contents MSRP Our Price Order
STRATER_4_1-3 Commercial License, ESD 449.00 404.00
STRATER_4_4-10 Commercial License, ESD 425.00 382.00
STRATER_4_11+ Commercial License, ESD 405.00 364.00
STRATER_4_UPG Commercial Upgrade, ESD 149.00 134.00
STRATER_4_UG Commercial User's Guide - PDF 25.00 22.00

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