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At Custom Solutions we strive to maintain competitive prices.
If you find a lower price elsewhere, please let us know.
We will try to meet or beat any competitive price.
Discover / VISA / MasterCard accepted.
Government Purchase Orders accepted.
Educational Purchase Orders accepted.
Foreign Orders accepted.

  Specials New

  Absoft Fortran

  Altova Products
  XMLSpy, MapForce, StyleVision
  SemanticWorks, SchemaAgent
  DiffDog and UModel

  AnCAD Products New

  Autodesk Products
  AutoCAD LT, AutoSketch, and Symbols

  Compaq Visual Fortran

  CompuApps, Inc. New
  Backup and Recovery Management

  DataDirect Products New
  Stylus Studio

  Digital Visual Fortran

  Forcheck New
  Leiden University Fortran Static Analyzer

  Galaxy Advanced Engineering Products New
  Universal Graphics Library (UGL)
  Universal Graphics Library Insta-Plot (UGLI)
  CalComp Compatibility
  DIGLIB Compatibility
  DISSPLA Compatibility
  GKS Compatibility
  Plot-10 Compatibility
  Plot88 Compatibility

  Golden Software, Inc. Products New
  SURFER - Contouring & Surface Mapping
  GRAPHER - 2D & 3D Graphing
  VOXLER - 3D Data Visualization
  MAPVIEWER - Thematic Maps & Spatial Analysis
  DIDGER - Digitizing & Coordinate Conversion
  STRATER - Well Log & Borehole Plotting

  IBM XL Fortran

  Intel Software Development Products
  Fortran and C++ Compilers
  VTune Performance Analyzers
  Math Kernel Library (Intel MKL)
  Cluster Math Kernel Library (Intel Cluster MKL)
  Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel IPP)
  Threading Tools
  Trace Analyzer and Trace Collector
  Cluster Toolkit
  MPI Library

  Lahey Fortran

  Mathematica Products
  Wolfram Research

  Mathsoft Products

  Microsoft Products
  MSDN Subscriptions
  Office and Windows XP
  Visual .NET and Visual Studio .NET 2003
  Visual Studio .NET 2002 and Visual v6.0
  Visual Studio 2005

  Minitab Products
  MINITAB Statistical Software

  Neoxen Systems New
  Visual Modus

  NetSupport Products
  Remote Control & Inventory Management

  Passport Music Software
  MusicTime Deluxe
  Master Tracks Pro

  Red Giant Software Products New
  Composite Wizard
  Film Fix
  Image Lounge
  Knoll Light Factory
  Magic Bullet Suite
  Magic Bullet Editors
  Primatte Keyer
  Primatte Plugin Pack (Box)
  Flash Plugins
  Test FX
  Pixel FX
  Distort FX

  Robert McNeel & Associates Products New

  Sony Media Products New
  Sony Sound Forge 8

  Stellar Information Systems Products
  Hard Disk Data Recovery Software
  Hard Disk Data Protection Software

  TechSmith Products

  VMware Products

  Wolfram Research
  Mathematica Products

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